SEGEL is a Danish brand that works towards a greener future by means of behavioural changing design. Our bags are tailor-made for the busy urban mover with focus on functionality, quality and design.

Creating more sustainable, simple and long-lasting items is our passion and we want our product to become a part of your everyday life for years to come. Our bags are functional, user-friendly and with a timeless design.

Inspired by Nordic heritage, we have combined Faroese craftsmanship and Danish design to create SEGEL. Our bags are made to withstand different weather conditions and help you move around with ease.


SEGEL refers to the Faroese word for sails — "segl". Our textiles find their origin in the maritime industry of the Faroe Islands. All materials are extremely durable and water-resistant, which makes our products the perfect companion for the urban citizen. It is easily adjusted to the different situations and circumstances one might come across in a busy city life.


We are on a mission to promote good, green habits and the over consumption of plastic has been one of our biggest inspirations. Our bag can be supplemented with a hidden shopping tote inside so you’ll always have your own extra shopper with you. By offering this solution we hope to minimise the use of disposable plastic bags, and maybe even eliminate them altogether.


The SEGEL bag as well as the extra shopper can be attached to your bike by means of carabiners, making our products multifunctional and user-friendly. SEGEL helps you to effortlessly carry your things around and keep a clear conscience while still remaining stylish biking through busy city streets.