SEGEL is fully lined, holds an inside 13 - 15" laptop pocket, a main compartment and 2 small pockets inside. A large backside pocket contains your own shopping bag, so that you’ll never again need to buy a plastic bag on the go. In line with complementing a sustainable lifestyle, carabiners offer you the possibility to mount both SEGEL and your shopping bag on your bike.

Measurements L 44 cm x H 35 cm x W 7 cm

Volume 8 liter

Materials PVC & coated polyester

Extra Shopping tote bag included

13 - 15" laptop pocket
Waterproof fabrics and zipper
Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
Flexible mounting on e.g. bikes via carabiners


Inspired by the textiles from the Faroes maritime industry, SEGEL is made from durable and water resistant materials, typically worn by fishermen and used to cover their boats. This enables the bag to be long-lasting and perfect for the ever-changing weather of the North. By using techniques and craftsmanship from old Faroes traditions we seek back to old times, highly valuing the creation of slow fashion. Merging user friendly features and strong materials with a modern, Scandinavian and lasting appearance, SEGEL is here to stay.